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Weatherall Products

For over 30 years Weatherall has been making and delivering some of the best log home chinking, caulking and stain products on the market. Weatherall is the only manufacturer to offer a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY on chinking and caulking materials while offering 3 and 5 year warranties on their stains. Peace of mind is never over-rated.

Weatherall’s products were specifically designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind and are easier to use than the competitions product lines AND they are offered at incredible prices for a top quality product!

Stains & Finishes

UV Guard Deck & Fence Stain


Stains & Finishes

UV Guard Log Home Stain


Stains & Finishes

Log Guard Interior


Stains & Finishes

UV Guard II Log Home Stain


Stains & Finishes

SuSTAIN Log Home Finish


Chinking & Sealants

UV Guard Premium Log Home Caulk